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How to lease a car with bad credit

How to Lease a Car with Bad Credit If you have bad credit, you understand the challenges that come with trying to take out any kind of loan or making major purchases. Getting a new vehicle, whether you choose to buy it or lease it, has additional considerations. That said, there are a number of […]

Phoenix Homes Report Quarter 2

Phoenix Homes Report Quarter 2 All across the country home prices seem to be increasing and this is especially true if you live in a major metropolitan area such as Phoenix. The quarter 2 home prices from last year compared to this year are up by 10% and there is no reason to believe prices […]

Qualify for a FHA home loan

Qualify For A FHA Home Loan There are 2 types of loans for individuals looking to buy a new home. Those are FHA and conventional. Due to the flexibility of FHA loans they are often a good choice for low income or first time home buyers with bad credit. About 40% of all home loans […]